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It’s the code maker vs the codebreaker in this classic board game of logic and deduction.  MASTERMIND board game sets itself apart from other traditional board games as a fun and challenging game of smarts.  With over 2,000 code possibilities, you can match wits over and over again.   MASTERMIND board game is available in its award-winning classic version, Ultimate MASTERMIND for experts, in travel editions for fun on-the-go, and several children’s versions including MASTERMIND Animal Towers for children ages 6 and older.

Are You a Mastermind?

In order to win in this classic board game, players must use strategy and problem solving skills to outsmart their opponent.  One player is the codemaker and creates a code of colored pegs. The other player is the codebreaker and attempts to break the code with help from clues given by the codemaker.  Players take turns being codemaker and codebreaker and whoever breaks the code in the least amount of moves wins.  Once the code is broken, the players can switch, finding out who can break the code more quickly, to get the title of MASTERMIND!

Look No Further than this Traditional Board Game

Whether you want to play one-on-one with a friend, challenge a family member, or play a team version, there is a MASTERMIND board game suitable for any occasion.  Test your problem solving skills with our code breaker logic games.

With a colorful new look, this classic board game is an entertaining contest of skill.  Even the most logical and savvy will find making and breaking codes a challenge. Learn more about MASTERMIND board game.

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MASTERMIND At The Teen Choice Awards

Stars take the MASTERMIND challenge at the Teen Choice Awards to help support the City of Hope Children’s Hospital with toy donations. Watch the Teen Choice Awards Video!

MASTERMIND on ABC News:  Hottest Toys for Fall

ABC News featured MASTERMIND Animal Towers on their Hottest Toys for Falls list.  Making the toy trends list is exciting news for this fun educational game.   Watch the ABC Hottest Toys for Fall Video!

Mastermind Board Game is a Dr Toy Best Classic Toy 2009 Award winner.
Top Fun Award Winner Tillywig Toy Awards